[Ipe-discuss] Infinite canvas

Lluís Alemany Puig lluis.alemany.puig at upc.edu
Fri Feb 4 15:44:50 CET 2022

Dear all,

Recently, I've been using IPE to make diagrams to help me carry out my 
research in my thesis. These diagrams tend to be large and more often 
than not I can't put two of them next to each other. And so, I 
eventually "run out" of space in the canvas while most of it being 
empty. I just can't use the remaining space because diagrams would 
overlap. I know I can use the gray area, but I can't see clearly 
whatever is on it.

So I was thinking to enlarge the canvas using the <layout> field in a 
personal stylesheet. Similar to presentation.isy. However, I can foresee 
the same problem happening again (and then having to enlarge the canvas, 
and repeat).

Does IPE have an option to make the canvas "infinite"?

Thank you all,


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