[Ipe-discuss] Drawing a line to a middle of an object

Otfried Cheong otfried at ipe.airpost.net
Mon Oct 27 00:35:40 CET 2014

On 27/10/14 02:38, Moshe Idan wrote:
> Thanks for the prompt reply. Well, the circle thing was an additional
> example, but the real issue is the midpoint of segments.

That was my point:  When you want to snap to the midpoint of a segment, 
first draw a circle whose diameter is aligned to the segment (this is 
easy, using snapping to the endpoints of the segment).  This will give 
you a snapping anchor at the midpoint of the segment (because centers of 
circles already work for snapping).

Put this circle in an extra layer (called "aux" or so), and make that 
invisible when you are done with the drawing.  It's one of the main 
features of Ipe that you can make auxiliary constructions like this easily!


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