[Ipe-discuss] Drawing a line to a middle of an object

Moshe Idan moshe.idan at technion.ac.il
Mon Oct 27 09:38:54 CET 2014


Now I get it! In fact when I wrote about adding a (small) circle with a center in the middle of a segment I didn't think of using it for finding the middle (when the diameter of the circle extends the whole segment.) How simple and smart! Definitely this is a proper solution and would work just fine for now. Said that, having a "middle segment" snapping option would be nicer, but having a workaround is almost as good.

Thanks again,

On 27-Oct-14 01:35, Otfried Cheong wrote:
> On 27/10/14 02:38, Moshe Idan wrote:
>> Thanks for the prompt reply. Well, the circle thing was an additional
>> example, but the real issue is the midpoint of segments.
> That was my point:  When you want to snap to the midpoint of a segment,
> first draw a circle whose diameter is aligned to the segment (this is
> easy, using snapping to the endpoints of the segment).  This will give
> you a snapping anchor at the midpoint of the segment (because centers of
> circles already work for snapping).
> Put this circle in an extra layer (called "aux" or so), and make that
> invisible when you are done with the drawing.  It's one of the main
> features of Ipe that you can make auxiliary constructions like this easily!
> Cheers,
>    Otfried
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