[Ipe-discuss] Latex pdf output does not show miter line joins drawn in Ipe editor

Otfried Cheong otfried at ipe.airpost.net
Wed Nov 14 03:43:27 CET 2012

On 11/14/2012 04:46 AM, Alex Koudrin wrote:
> *Updated Windows Ipe?*
> Is it possible to build a more recent version of Ipe for Windows. I
> don't mind if it does not have some new features, but the most important
> bugs like these could be backported? This would be a big help for us
> Windows users! If the version is coming, could you indicate a possible
> release date?

For the moment, I have uploaded an up-to-date version of ipetoipe for 
Windows to http://tclab.kaist.ac.kr/~otfried/ipetoipe.zip

Do not mix these files with your current Ipe installation - keep them in 
a separate directory!

If you run your Ipe figures through this program, using

ipetoipe -eps oldfig.eps newfig.eps

that should fix the line joins.

Anybody with the suitable compilers should be able to build Ipe for 
Windows - all the required libraries are freely available.  It would 
take some time to set up everything (which is why I don't get around to 
it), but there should be no problem in principle.

I can't give any promises for my new Qt-free Windows version.  It's on 
the top of my to-do list for Ipe, it's nearly finished, and I hope to 
get around to finishing it during the winter break - but I have many 
other duties in life...

In the latest it will happen during my next sabbatical in 2014.


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