[Ipe-discuss] insertion of new layers / changing canvas position

Alexander Wolff alexander.wolff at uni-wuerzburg.de
Fri Jan 29 15:01:06 CET 2010

hi all, dear otfried,

i've finally upgraded to ipe 7 and would like to express my thanks!
i have ipe'd more or less my whole "algorithms and data structures" 
lecture this semester [1].

so far, there are only two small things that i am having trouble with 
and that i haven't seen in the archives of the discussion so far.

-- when i add a new layer (with or without adding a new view), it is 
added as the _last_ layer of the current page rather than directly 
_after the active layer_ as with ipe 6.  since i tend to use many layers 
and rarely take the time to rename them, i'm often lost :(

-- in my installation (ubuntu 9.10 & gnome) the width of the left part 
of the frame (with property & layer menus) increases when i add view 10, 
simply because a "10" needs more horizontal space than a "9".  this 
moves the canvas (if centered) to the right, too.  when quickly going 
through a presentation, these hops are disturbing.  i tried to change 
the width of the frame, but couldn't.

are there ways out?


[1] https://wuecampus.uni-wuerzburg.de/moodle/course/view.php?id=4479
     (in german)

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