[Ipe-discuss] insertion of new layers / changing canvas position

Otfried Cheong otfried at ipe.airpost.net
Sat Jan 30 12:27:32 CET 2010

Alexander Wolff wrote:
> so far, there are only two small things that i am having trouble with 
> and that i haven't seen in the archives of the discussion so far.
> -- when i add a new layer (with or without adding a new view), it is 
> added as the _last_ layer of the current page rather than directly 
> _after the active layer_ as with ipe 6.  since i tend to use many layers 
> and rarely take the time to rename them, i'm often lost :(

This is on my list of things to do.  Since the ordering of layers has no 
meaning by itself, I was thinking that Ipe should by itself arrange them 
in a meaningful way (sort them by their occurrence in views).

Our semester starts on Monday, and I'm responsible for a 560-student 
class - don't expect new Ipe versions before the summer break...

> -- in my installation (ubuntu 9.10 & gnome) the width of the left part 
> of the frame (with property & layer menus) increases when i add view 10, 
> simply because a "10" needs more horizontal space than a "9".  this 
> moves the canvas (if centered) to the right, too.  when quickly going 
> through a presentation, these hops are disturbing.  i tried to change 
> the width of the frame, but couldn't.

I don't know how to fix this on the Qt-level - if somebody could tell 
me, that would be nice.

A simple fix on the Lua level:  In model.lua, look for MODEL:setPage, 
and change "View %d/%d" and "Page %d/%d" to something else, like
"V %d/%d" and "P %d/%d"  (then it should always fit).


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