[Ipe-discuss] A wish: text offset

Gijs van Oort g.vanoort at ewi.utwente.nl
Mon Nov 9 20:12:58 CET 2009

You could use LaTeX's  \vspace{} for that (you're typing LaTeX after
all). You can even put a length in the pre-amble, and by changing that
length, all texts will shift accordingly.  Otherwise, select all your
entries, align them (there is an applet for that), group them and use
Ctrl-2 to set all texts at the desired height at once.


Jan Hlavacek wrote:
> One thing I like about Ipe is its text alignment.  For example, when I need to
> label ticks on the horizontal axis, I set horizontal alignment to center and
> vertical alignment to top, turn on vertex snapping, and just place one label
> after another under the ticks on the axis.  However, that way the labels will
> be too close to the ticks, so I always end up using Ctrl-2 twice or three times
> to shift the labels down a bit. Similarly with vertical axis, or pretty much
> any other label that should be placed next to a point, but not immediately next
> to it. 
> To make consistent label placement easier, I would like to be able to set an
> "offset" for a text, in the form of a vector v, such that if I place a text at
> a point P, the text will actually be aligned at the point P+v. This vector
> would normally be zero, but for example when labeling a horizontal axis of a
> coordinate system, I would set it to <0,-2pt>, for horizontal axis to <2pt,0>
> etc. 

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