[Ipe-discuss] A wish: text offset

Jan Hlavacek jhlavace at svsu.edu
Mon Nov 9 19:30:46 CET 2009

One thing I like about Ipe is its text alignment.  For example, when I need to
label ticks on the horizontal axis, I set horizontal alignment to center and
vertical alignment to top, turn on vertex snapping, and just place one label
after another under the ticks on the axis.  However, that way the labels will
be too close to the ticks, so I always end up using Ctrl-2 twice or three times
to shift the labels down a bit. Similarly with vertical axis, or pretty much
any other label that should be placed next to a point, but not immediately next
to it. 

To make consistent label placement easier, I would like to be able to set an
"offset" for a text, in the form of a vector v, such that if I place a text at
a point P, the text will actually be aligned at the point P+v. This vector
would normally be zero, but for example when labeling a horizontal axis of a
coordinate system, I would set it to <0,-2pt>, for horizontal axis to <2pt,0>

Jan Hlavacek (jhlavace at svsu.edu, (989) 964-2004)
Department of Mathematical Sciences, Saginaw Valley State University

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