[Ipe-discuss] re: ipe standard style sheet

Palsy Palooka palsypal at gmail.com
Sat May 26 13:24:04 CEST 2007

hmm, these solutions seem nice...
but it's not working :(
Any ideas?

this is my style sheet:
<ipestyle name="myStyle">
<grid name="1 pt" value="1"/>
<grid name="2 pts" value="2"/>
<linewidth name="ultra small" value="0.1"/>
<linewidth name="very small" value="0.2"/>
<linewidth name="small" value="0.3"/>
<dashstyle name="dotted1" value="[1] 0"/>
<dashstyle name="dotted2" value="[1 2] 0"/>
<dashstyle name="dotted3" value="[1 3] 0"/>
<dashstyle name="dashed2" value="[2] 0"/>
<dashstyle name="dashed3" value="[3] 0"/>
<dashstyle name="dashed4" value="[4] 0"/>

something wrong with that?

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