[Ipe-discuss] Plans

Tim Hutt tdh29 at cam.ac.uk
Fri May 25 15:28:34 CEST 2007

Blah, just wrote a whole email and then firefox did something weird and I 
lost it. So once again!: <- Thus conclusively proving the need for the 
colon-exclamation and colon-question mark.

1. I spent all evening tracking down the UI weirdness bug - it is caused by
the static QFont editorFont; in ipecanvas/ipecreatetext.cpp. If you remove
it the UI looks nice - this is probably because the QFont is initialised
before QApplication which Qt doesn't like.

2. I wrote a patch to make IPE keep the properties you have selected (as
much as possible) when you go to the edit->style sheets dialog. At the
moment everything is reset.

3. How do I make the page landscape? I'm sure there used to be a way...

4. What is going on with abandoning ipe 6 and qt4? Seemed to be working
excellently if you ask me... What will IPE 7 be like?



PS: I'm going to try my hand at adding circle and spline snapping...

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