[Ipe-discuss] Ipe under Windows VISTA does not run PDFLATEX

Kaushik Ghose kghose at umd.edu
Tue Jul 10 19:01:08 CEST 2007

I use this opportunity to confess my sin:

After moving to vista and learning that Otfried was moving to cygwin I 
stopped being exclusive. Now I'm dating Inkscape. Since I now use Python 
and python can export to svg I am very happy with my figure production 
pipeline. Inkscape however doesn't have a good equation renderer 
(ideally I'd like something like what Otfried had in ipe). Nothing's 
perfect :) -kg

PS. I know this doesn't help you Guenter. Sorry :(

Guenter Rote wrote:
> Ipe preview 28 works fine as long as I don't use text.
> When trying to save a file or looking at labels, I get a
> window titled:
> Ipe: Error during the Pdflatex run.
> An error occurred during the Pdflatex run. Please consult the Pdflatex 
> logfile for further information.
> with a large text box that supposedly contains the error messages, but 
> is completely empty.
> (I can save the file only as an .ipe file)
> Does anybody have experience with ipe under Windows vista?
> I *don't* have the new pdflatex version:
> C:\Users\Günter>pdflatex
> This is pdfeTeX, Version 3.141592-1.30.6-2.2 (MiKTeX 2.5)
> **
> I have also tried it under a different account (even as an 
> administrator), so the umlaut in my name is not the problem (as is for 
> emacs).

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