[Ipe-discuss] Ipe under Windows VISTA does not run PDFLATEX

Otfried Cheong otfried at tclab.kaist.ac.kr
Wed Jul 11 12:29:20 CEST 2007

Kaushik Ghose wrote:
> After moving to vista and learning that Otfried was moving to cygwin I 
> stopped being exclusive. Now I'm dating Inkscape. Since I now use Python 
> and python can export to svg I am very happy with my figure production 
> pipeline. Inkscape however doesn't have a good equation renderer 
> (ideally I'd like something like what Otfried had in ipe). 

I played with Inkscape recently, trying to see if if meets my needs and
makes Ipe obsolete.   It's a nice program, but the code base is not in a
shape that would make it easy for me to add what I need (mostly Latex
support) into Inkscape.  So Ipe will continue to exist (but Inkscape
will be a good excuse to keep Ipe small and focussed on what it does best).

Ipe 7 will export to SVG, of course (and that part actually already
works).  I still need to figure out what to use for the UI. GTK (like
Inkscape) is one option.


ps.  I'm surprised that anyone would consider the reliance on cygwin a
reason not to use Ipe.  A normal user wouldn't even notice it.

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