[Ipe-discuss] Line attributes - bug or feature?

Kaushik Ghose kghose at umd.edu
Sat Jan 28 09:20:42 CET 2006

Hi Gang,

I've noticed this since I've used ipe, but I've gotten used to it, so I 
don't care much. Indeed, its so obvious and no one has complained about 
it, and it has remained over two versions, that I began to think its a 

When you click on a line, the line attributes (thickness, arrow head 
etc.) don't update on the select boxes - they remain as they were set.

So for instance if you draw two lines default thickness. Then you select 
one and make it "thin". Then when you select the other the attributes 
remain "thin" rather than go back to "normal".

So, how about it. Bug or feature?


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