[Ipe-discuss] ipe features

Johan Ingvast ingvast at md.kth.se
Mon Jan 23 22:42:12 CET 2006

Otfried Cheong wrote:
> Johan Ingvast wrote:
>> Actually the "automatic angular snap" should (in my opinion) be in 
>> action also when moving objects, which it is not in pre26.
> I agree, and just made it feature request #141

>> I also like to see a possiblity to easily reset the angular snap to 
>> vertical/horizontal. As now, if I don't have a horizontal/vertical 
>> line in the drawing, I have to create a box and then align the angular 
>> snap to that. I think a keystroke like C-F1 should reset it.
> Shift-F2 hides the crosshair, AND resets it to horizontal - so when you
> set it on a new origin, it should come up horizontally.
Well it does not reset for me, and has not for any of the pre23 -- pre26
> But I also miss the option of simply resetting to horizontal without
> moving the origin - it's now feature request #140.
Non nessesary I guess, or perhaps the two functionalities should be separated. I 
think it is ok that the alignment is kept between usage of the crosshair. So a 
separate key for reset is needed anyway.

>> Unfortunately, this functionality is not yet (I suppose) fully 
>> implemented, the snapping to verticices does not work (for splines), 
>> and the  automatic angular snap does not work.
> I thought this all works:  snapping to vertices does work for splines,
> but control points are not considered vertices (only control points of
> multiplicity 3 are).   This means you can't snap to a control point
> during editing.
That is really what I meant.
> Should this be changed?  An option?  Should control points be vertices
> only during editing?
I don't know if it is really usefull. However I think that snapping when in 
control points editing makes sense and would be consistent. I can not see any 
reason for snapping to control points in general editing, probably it would be 
confusing only.

>> I vote for double click. It would be easier, more intuitive than the
>> current C-Right click. Also allows for keeping the old functioning of
>> the left button click. Alternatively we could have right-double-click
>> for edit.
> Note that the suggestion is to use Double-click for "Edit", not for
> popping up the object menu (I think it's somewhat unnatural to pop up a
> menu on double-click).
Ok I agree,

> Personally, I find Ctrl+E perfectly sufficient :-)
and I'm also mostly happy with the C-E solution, only I'd like a key shortcut 
for changing the width of text areas.


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