[Ipe-discuss] ipe features

Manuel López-Ibáñez manuellopezibanez at yahoo.es
Mon Jan 23 16:43:18 CET 2006

Johan Ingvast wrote:
>> * Scale about center. For example, if I have a circle, I wish I could 
>> increase its radius without moving the position of its centre.
> Ipe scales everything about the center of the crosshair (if it is 
> visible), so just set it to the center of the circle and you have your 
> feature.

It doesn't work for me like that.

Click on Snap to vertices (or Snap to boundary, or Snap to intersection, 
I have tried all them). Then click Stretch objects and then the center 
of a circle. When you move the mouse without releasing, it doesn't scale 
about the center.

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