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Manuel López-Ibáñez manuellopezibanez at yahoo.es
Mon Jan 23 18:43:46 CET 2006

bug #142

Otfried Cheong wrote:
> Kaushik Ghose wrote:
>> If I don't shift-click (just click) when I stretch I get no crash and 
>> a stretch just fine.
>> And then I can shift-click and stretch to my heart's content.
>> *The shift-click must be done as the first action after set-center to 
>> crash ipe.*
> Actually, the real reason is that you clicked so close to the center of 
> the circle that it is snapped to the crosshair.    Then Ipe has no 
> information based on which to compute the scaling transformation 
> (because the starting point is identical to the origin).
> This is a well-known bug, somehow it has never been filed (nor fixed!)
> Who wants to file it?
> Otfried
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