[Ipe-discuss] Newbie to the list and Mandriva 2006 package

Kaushik Ghose kghose at umd.edu
Mon Jan 23 14:59:27 CET 2006

> Do you really love the standard cut/copy/paste icons? I simply cannot 
> believe that!
> And before criticizing the (voluntary and unpaid) work of others, you 
> should actually check it out, shouldn't you?
Hey, hey take it easy dude. I'm not criticizing your work. But, at the 
same time, you should realize that not everyone has the same taste.

>> No,no, before we make ipe skinnable, I dearly want a file history :)
>> Right now, the two most important features of ipe for me are bitmap 
>> insert and pdftoipe. Is there a way of integrating pdftoipe into ipe 
>> itself, so we can "import a pdf" into ipe?
> Well, I am also writing a list of features I would love to see 
> implemented. Perhaps you want to volunteer to help me implement mines 
> and I will help you to implement yours.
Sure. I've done C and QT coding for a while (see http://r-a.sf.net), but 
I've moved to Ruby and Web browser interfaces for now (see 
http://rriki.rubyforge.org). My C coding style is terrible though.

I haven't sat down and learnt how to make ipelets yet. ipe has a very 
cool developer (Otfried) and it is one of the programs I am content to 
just be a user in, rather than a developer.

So, put up on the list your wishlist, and I can try help out. But right 
now I have promised everyone (everyone - my parents, my wife and my 
advisor) that I will finish my thesis, and that is what I should be doing :)


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