[Ipe-discuss] Newbie to the list and Mandriva 2006 package

Manuel López-Ibáñez manuellopezibanez at yahoo.es
Mon Jan 23 14:54:05 CET 2006

Kaushik Ghose wrote:
>>> I was wondering why don't you use more modern icons like the ones 
>>> from the tango project [1].
>> Because I'm really bad at making icons, and nobody has been 
>> volunteering any yet.  The Tango galery looks great, I'll try to steal 
>> some icons for Ipe.  (We would still need prettier icons for the 
>> various Ipe modes.)
> What! I love the standard icons! :)

Do you really love the standard cut/copy/paste icons? I simply cannot 
believe that!

And before criticizing the (voluntary and unpaid) work of others, you 
should actually check it out, shouldn't you?

> No,no, before we make ipe skinnable, I dearly want a file history :)
> Right now, the two most important features of ipe for me are bitmap 
> insert and pdftoipe. Is there a way of integrating pdftoipe into ipe 
> itself, so we can "import a pdf" into ipe?

Well, I am also writing a list of features I would love to see 
implemented. Perhaps you want to volunteer to help me implement mines 
and I will help you to implement yours.



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