[Ipe-discuss] Hyperref crashes ipe

Otfried Cheong otfried at kaist.ac.kr
Tue Jan 17 11:20:12 CET 2006

> But then I have to ask if it is possible in some other way to make the 
> generated pdf start an external application?
> I plan to make  my PhD presentation with Ipe and I have to show a number 
> of videos. Using latex it is possible to generate links from the pdf 
> document to external applications such that various programs can be 
> started. Is that possible with Ipe?

I'm afraid there is currently no way to embed links in an Ipe-generated 
PDF file.  Feel free to suggest this enhancement on Ipe bugzilla :-)

In the meantime, you have to use some other approach to create the 
links.  The easiest would be to use some PDF editing program (such as 
Adobe Acrobat) which can open Ipe's PDF output and insert the needed 
links.  Of course this is somewhat undesirable, as you'll loose the Ipe 
markup and will have to redo the link insertion every time you change 
the Ipe document.

One other simple idea is to use pdflatex with the pdfpages package. 
This way you can include all the pages from the Ipe output into a newly 
generated PDF output, and add the links you need.


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