[Ipe-discuss] pdf latex error

Carlos Davila cedavila at comcast.net
Wed May 4 03:56:48 CEST 2005

Ryan, sounds like a similar problem to one I had a short time 
ago...first, what error is returned? What operating system are you 
using? What version of Latex are you using? What is the error message?


Ryan Clary wrote:

> I'm new to ipe. It seems to create pdf's just fine if there is no text 
> included. If text is included, the run latex returns an error without 
> explanation except to look in a log file that does not exist. I can 
> run pdflatex on the created text.tex file ok, but then what? ipe still 
> doesn't include it. I've tried using IPEPDFLATEX environment variable 
> to redefine the search path for pdflatex (the default seems to be 
> wrong) but ipe doesn't respect the new environment variable. Can 
> anyone help? I hope that this mailing list is the correct forum to 
> make this request, because I couldn't find any other forum.
> Ryan
> mrclary at gmail.com
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