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Ansgar Grüne gruene at cs.uni-bonn.de
Thu Jan 13 11:55:54 CET 2005

I also have a problem in this context. E.g. if I turn a whole figure by 90°
but still want the text to be displayed horizontal, I can do it by using the
"fixed"-option for all the text objects. However, if I save the figure and
load it again the fixed/transformable flags seems to be set randomly. Some
text objects are fixed and displayed horizontally and some text objects are
transformable, i.e. displayed vertically.

Isn't this value saved with the figure file (I normally use .eps) or am I
doing something wrong?


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> On Wed, 12 Jan 2005, Xavier Goaoc wrote:
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> > > There is one thing that is giving me trouble, and that is rotating
> text
> > > items. [snip]
> >  From what I understand, the behavior of "Rotate text" depends on the
> > fixed/transformable status of the text (that can be modified via a right
> > click on the text itself): a fixed text is moved around and a
> > transformable text is bent.
> Thanks, Xavier. That was it -- me being dense as I suspected. I found I
> needed Ctrl-Rightclick to get the object menu so that I could switch
> between Fixed and Transformable text. Alternatively, one can set
> transformable text as the default via Help-->Preferences.
> Cheers,
> Hugh
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