[Ipe-discuss] fixed / transformable

Otfried Cheong otfried at cs.uu.nl
Thu Jan 13 15:29:32 CET 2005

Ansgar Grüne wrote:
> I also have a problem in this context. E.g. if I turn a whole figure by 90°
> but still want the text to be displayed horizontal, I can do it by using the
> "fixed"-option for all the text objects. However, if I save the figure and
> load it again the fixed/transformable flags seems to be set randomly. Some
> text objects are fixed and displayed horizontally and some text objects are
> transformable, i.e. displayed vertically.
> Isn't this value saved with the figure file (I normally use .eps) or am I
> doing something wrong?

Yes, the flag is saved with the figure.   I've tried it now, and it 
seems to work for me.  I've also double-checked the code and can't find 
a problem.  Are you using preview 23?  If so, can you generate a small 
example that exhibits the problem?


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