[Ipe-discuss] Rotating text objects

Hugh Pumphrey H.C.Pumphrey at ed.ac.uk
Thu Jan 13 09:59:29 CET 2005

On Wed, 12 Jan 2005, Xavier Goaoc wrote:
> > There is one thing that is giving me trouble, and that is rotating text
> > items. [snip]

>  From what I understand, the behavior of "Rotate text" depends on the
> fixed/transformable status of the text (that can be modified via a right
> click on the text itself): a fixed text is moved around and a
> transformable text is bent.

Thanks, Xavier. That was it -- me being dense as I suspected. I found I
needed Ctrl-Rightclick to get the object menu so that I could switch
between Fixed and Transformable text. Alternatively, one can set
transformable text as the default via Help-->Preferences.



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