[Ipe-discuss] Antialiasing, delete

Jan Hlavacek jhlavace at svsu.edu
Tue Dec 13 10:30:01 CET 2005

On Tue, 2005-12-13 at 00:49 +0900, Otfried Cheong wrote:

> Most mysterious.  On my computer (a standard Fedora Core 3 
> installation), Ipe became unusably slow (it would take 5 seconds for the 
> display to follow the cursor movement).  Perhaps I should take out Ipe's 
> own rendering to bitmap and see what happens.  I'd encourage all Linux 
> user's to comment out the following line in 
> "src/ipecanvas/ipecanvas.cpp" and report whether Ipe slows down 
> dramatically or whether it improves rendering without any problem:
>    setAttribute(Qt::WA_PaintOnScreen);

On Debian stable, with hand compiled qt 4.0.1, I can see perhaps very
slight improvement in rendering (especially circles, but it is so slight
I may be imagining it) with absolutely no noticeable difference in

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