[Ipe-discuss] Pre25 Flushleft in minipage, why?

Otfried Cheong otfried at kaist.ac.kr
Fri Dec 9 02:30:36 CET 2005

> In pre23 the text was justified on both left and right side. However,
> in pre25 it is left justified.

Thanks for pointing out the change in semantics - I see I don't put
anything about it in the news.txt file.

> I think there is a change in the minipage text environment that is
> not acceptable.

It's in the nature of pre-release software that the semantics of
operations has not been fixed yet.  I haven't decided on all the
features of Ipe yet, and it is quite possible that there will be more
changes in semantics, or even removal of features.  (There have been 
similar changes in the past.)

If you need justified text, put this in your style sheet, and use the 
"justified" style of your text object:

<textstyle name="justified" begin="" end=""/>

(I'll add this style to the standard style sheet in the next release.)

Alternatively, you can change the default style back from flushleft to 
justified by using this:

<textstyle name="default" begin="" end=""/>

If this change is a problem, I can make Ipe automatically change all 
text objects with default style to justified style if the file was 
originally created by Ipe < pre25.  However, personally this is not what 
I would want - my presentations look much worse when done with the 
justified style.


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