[Ipe-discuss] Pre25 Flushleft in minipage, why?

Johan Ingvast ingvast at md.kth.se
Fri Dec 9 09:10:49 CET 2005

Otfried Cheong wrote:
>> I think there is a change in the minipage text environment that is
>> not acceptable.
> It's in the nature of pre-release software that the semantics of
> operations has not been fixed yet.  I haven't decided on all the
> features of Ipe yet, and it is quite possible that there will be more
> changes in semantics, or even removal of features.  (There have been 
> similar changes in the past.)
I don't know anything about ipe before pre23, but I've never thought of it as a 
prerelease. It is rather stable and very productive. Thanks to you Otfried.
> If this change is a problem, I can make Ipe automatically change all 
> text objects with default style to justified style if the file was 
> originally created by Ipe < pre25. 
That, I think would be acceptable.

> However, personally this is not what 
> I would want - my presentations look much worse when done with the 
> justified style.
Well, I use it for a whole lot more than presentations.
I think it is a point that the default environment is the default of latex.

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