[Ipe-discuss] Pre25 Flushleft in minipage, why?

Johan Ingvast ingvast at md.kth.se
Thu Dec 8 09:52:59 CET 2005

 From pre23 to pre25  I think there is a change in the minipage text 
environment that is not acceptable.
In pre23 the text was justified on both left and right side. However, in 
pre25 it is left justified. I see in the .tex file that
\begin{flushleft} is included before the actual text.
This mean that my old ipe-files will render differently and also that I 
have problem to get my text justified.
Maybe I can have a minipage inside the minipage and that it will make it 
   justified, however, then I have to give the width twice.

Where can I change the (source) code to get rid of the flushleft?

I you agree it is a bug I'll put it into bugzilla.


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