[Ipe-discuss] Bug in "Smallest circle enclosing points"

Chris Gray christopher.gray at mail.mcgill.ca
Fri Dec 2 15:53:30 CET 2005

On Fri, 02 Dec 2005, Otfried Cheong wrote:

Johan Ingvast wrote:
>> This is a nice ipelet which I think is good to have. However,
>> threre is a but in it. If an object is moved the ipelet creates the
>> circle where the object first was created.  Something with
>> transformations I guess.  I thought I'd report it on bugzilla, but
>> then I did not find a component "Ipelets" so I hesitated. Should I
>> put it "Ipe" or should ipelets not at all go into bugzilla?
> Good point.  I've created a component "Ipelets" where this can be
> reported.
> Once there are more ipelets not written by me (like this one), I'll
> need to set up some system of handling bug reports.  For the moment,
> the "Ipelets" category will do.

I'm on the list, so I can see bug reports about ipelets written by
me.  This bug has always existed in both of my ipelets, and I'm not
entirely sure that it's not a bug in ipe itself -- I ask for the
points from the IpeletHelper in a fairly standard way I think.


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