[Ipe-discuss] Bug in "Smallest circle enclosing points"

Otfried Cheong otfried at kaist.ac.kr
Fri Dec 2 16:15:57 CET 2005

Chris Gray wrote:
> I'm on the list, so I can see bug reports about ipelets written by
> me.  This bug has always existed in both of my ipelets, and I'm not
> entirely sure that it's not a bug in ipe itself -- I ask for the
> points from the IpeletHelper in a fairly standard way I think.

_Both_ ipelets?  How come nobody told me about the other one!

The fix for MiniDisc is quite simple:  You just need to multiply the 
point positions with the object's matrix (it->Object()->Matrix()) before 
you do your computation.  I've fixed it in my copy already.

I'm still wondering whether I should be adding ipelet's maintained by 
others to the distribution or just provide links on the webpage.


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