[Ipe-discuss] graphics cut-and-paste

Otfried Cheong ocheong at win.tue.nl
Mon Mar 8 08:27:31 CET 2004

David Griffel writes:
 > A related question for Otfried:  IPE doesn't seem to accept 
 > cut-and-paste from other Windows applications - certainly I can't cut 
 > and paste Maple graphics into IPE.  Is this likely to change in future 
 > versions?  The ability to copy graphics into IPE and edit them (as 
 > bitmaps) would be very useful.

Ipe currently supports cut-and-paste only for Ipe objects.  These are
cut-and-pasted in text format, so you can select an object from Ipe
and paste it into a text editor, modify it, copy it from there, and
paste it back into Ipe.

Copying an image from Maple places it on the clipboard in bitmap
format. One could instruct Ipe that pasting such an object should have
the same effect as "Insert image"  has - that is, add it to the
current figure as a bitmap object.  Note that that's not necessarily
the best way to import Maple graphics (you can export as EPS from
Maple, and convert that to genuine Ipe format using pdftoipe).  

And what do you mean by "edit them (as bitmaps)"?


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