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David Griffel d.griffel at bristol.ac.uk
Thu Mar 4 09:36:58 CET 2004

ipe-discuss-request at cs.uu.nl wrote:
> I'm running IPE on Windows 98 and I've got some problems opening *.pdf =
> files.  I exported a graphic generated in MAPLE 8 in *.eps format and =
> then tried to open it in IPE, but nothing happens...
> =20
> Then I converted this .*eps file to a *.pdf with acrobat distiller, and =
> tried to open the new *.pdf file and got this error message :

The manual explains that this procedure doesn't work, and tells you what 
you have to do - see below.

A related question for Otfried:  IPE doesn't seem to accept 
cut-and-paste from other Windows applications - certainly I can't cut 
and paste Maple graphics into IPE.  Is this likely to change in future 
versions?  The ability to copy graphics into IPE and edit them (as 
bitmaps) would be very useful.

That said, the concept of IPE and its integration with latex is 
excellent - the days are gone when I had to fiddle around with the 
psfrag package to get Latex into diagrams.

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