[Ipe-discuss] freetype problem when running pdftex

Otfried Cheong ocheong at win.tue.nl
Mon Sep 1 17:24:35 CEST 2003

 >  I compiled Ipe with Freetype 2.1.4. When I run pdftex using the File 
 > menu, I get the message "Ipe has been compiled using the header files of 
 > Freetype version 2.1.4, but is linked with Freetype library version 
 > 12.136534824.136454352. No text display is possible". After clicking on 
 > "Dismiss", Ipe terminates with a segmentation fault.
 > I compiled and installed Freetype according to the instructions, so I 
 > don't know how Ipe is getting the impression that I am using version 
 > 12.136534824.136454352 instead of 2.1.4.

Well, presumably the dynamic linker is finding the wrong freetype

Do "ldd ipe" on the Ipe binary you compiled.  This will probably
show a pointer to /usr/lib/libfreetype.so.X.X, which is your system
freetype library, version 2.0.4.  What it should find is the new
freetype library...


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