[Ipe-discuss] freetype problem when running pdftex

Rainer Typke rainer.typke at cs.uu.nl
Mon Sep 1 17:02:27 CEST 2003


 I compiled Ipe with Freetype 2.1.4. When I run pdftex using the File 
menu, I get the message "Ipe has been compiled using the header files of 
Freetype version 2.1.4, but is linked with Freetype library version 
12.136534824.136454352. No text display is possible". After clicking on 
"Dismiss", Ipe terminates with a segmentation fault.

I compiled and installed Freetype according to the instructions, so I 
don't know how Ipe is getting the impression that I am using version 
12.136534824.136454352 instead of 2.1.4.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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