[Ipe-discuss] problem with compiling under SuSE Linux 7.3

Rainer Typke rainer.typke at cs.uu.nl
Mon Sep 1 11:31:39 CEST 2003

Thank you, this solved the last problem.

To make compiling for future users easier, I recommend to mention:
- if you use tmake, comment out the QMAKE lines in all .pro files
- it is not enough to just use any freetype 2 library, it has to be at 
least version X (don't know what X is, but it is something > 2.0.4 and 
<= 2.1.4)

Best regards,


Otfried Cheong wrote:

> > Now I get somewhat further. There is, however, still an error in the 
> > make process, but without much helpful information. I would be very 
> > grateful if you had another tip for me.
>I suspect your version of freetype may be too old.  What version are
>you using?  You should probably download a more recent one (it
>compiles very easily).
>  Otfried

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