[Ipe-discuss] problem viewing pdftex conversion

Barsendu Mukherjee barsendu at acad.umass.edu
Wed Dec 3 19:44:49 CET 2003

Quoting Otfried Cheong <ocheong at win.tue.nl>:

> You are using the most recent Ipe version (preview 12), right?  

that could be a reason. i am using ipe 6 preview 10 not 12. for the pdf reader 
it is acrobat reader 6. i have tried opening it in version 5 as well. i will 
check with preview 12 to see if it works and then file it with bugzilla. it 
could be a bug because i did the whole thing in ps format and it worked fine.

thanks for all your help.

> Please file this as a bug report in Ipe bugzilla, and attach both the
> Ipe file and the short Latex file.  Also mention which version of
> which PDF viewer you are using (Acrobat Reader, I presume?  Acrobat is
> a whole line of products).
> Otfried
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