[Ipe-discuss] problem viewing pdftex conversion

Otfried Cheong ocheong at win.tue.nl
Wed Dec 3 10:30:30 CET 2003

 > I am new to IPE and have run into some problems trying to include
 > figures drawn in it in my tex document. pdflatex runs
 > correctly. when i try to view it in acrobat however, the figure is
 > displayed but text following it (like caption and at times text
 > following the figure) is not always displayed.

You are using the most recent Ipe version (preview 12), right?  

Please file this as a bug report in Ipe bugzilla, and attach both the
Ipe file and the short Latex file.  Also mention which version of
which PDF viewer you are using (Acrobat Reader, I presume?  Acrobat is
a whole line of products).


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