[Ipe-discuss] Style sheets and other bugs

Olivier Devillers Olivier.Devillers at sophia.inria.fr
Mon Apr 7 09:31:22 CEST 2003

>here are still a few bugs with scissors, I'll try to fix them soon.
>One question is: when cutting an object, should the original be
>replaced by the (one or two) pieces?  And when cutting a closed
>object, should Ipe ask you to cut it in two places at the same time,
>so that you get two pieces?

Yes I think so (both, you should get two pieces and the original disappear).

It is easier to make a copy before cutting (to get both) than to select 
the original and remove it
after cutting.

For closed (or other objects) one current use of scissors) is to cut the 
object in part and color it in different way.
At least for this use two pieces and original disappear is what you need.


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