[Ipe-discuss] Style sheets and other bugs

Otfried Cheong o.cheong at tue.nl
Sat Apr 5 11:47:34 CEST 2003

 > I am running Preview 9 now,
 > where is this presentation.xml file ?

In the manual, chapter "Style sheets" :-)

 > In fact I have no real opposition to the new shortcuts, it is just
 > a matter of time to change the habit.  The major change is more
 > that there is a special mode for selection.
 > I am against customization, you cannot work with somebody else.

I agree, it's nice to be able to help somebody else working in Ipe.
But there will always be people who want to customize the shortcuts (I
mention no Rene^H^H^H^Hnames), so it's possible.

As for the special modes:  I found that many people are so used to
having special modes for selecting, moving, etc., that they find
using Ipe 5 hard, because you have to remember all these special mouse
shortcuts.  So in Ipe 6, both ways are supported: You can use the
special five modes on the left of the mode toolbar, or you can use the
mouse shortcuts (once you know them, you never need to use the five
leftmost modes).

 > Another thing, I had experienced a strange behavior of scissors on
 > circle.

There are still a few bugs with scissors, I'll try to fix them soon.

One question is: when cutting an object, should the original be
replaced by the (one or two) pieces?  And when cutting a closed
object, should Ipe ask you to cut it in two places at the same time,
so that you get two pieces?


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