[Ipe-discuss] Style sheets and other bugs

Olivier Devillers Olivier.Devillers at sophia.inria.fr
Fri Apr 4 20:02:48 CEST 2003

Otfried Cheong wrote:

>Olivier Devillers writes:
> > How does style sheet work ?
>Poorly.  Support for style sheets (and presentations in general) is
>still somewhat experimental. It's much better in preview 9, but there
>are a few bugs (the 'presentation.xml' style sheet doesn't work right
>if you edit text, you have to reload to fix the size), and there is
>still no way to create layers/objects that appear on all pages.  I'm
>still thinking about the right user interface for that. Any
I am running Preview 9 now,
where is this presentation.xml file ?

> > Short cuts have gone from emacs like to windows like  :=<
In fact I have no real opposition to the new shortcuts, it is just a 
matter of time
to change the habit.
The major change is more that there is a special mode for selection.

I am against customization, you cannot work with somebody else.

> > Is there a way to select few objects and to ask to all of them to
> > be in layer beta.
>Yes: Select the objects, select layer "beta", say "group" and then
>"ungroup" :-)
>I once had it implemented so that changing the current layer with some
>objects selected moved them to the new layer, but this was quite a
>hassle---I accidentally moved objects to other layers all the time.
>What do you think?
This is ok. I should have tried.

Another thing, I had experienced a strange behavior of scissors on circle.
Draw a circle
Use scissors to cut it
Move both objects in different places
Use scissors again to cut the two objects
(or only the already cutted but you have some diffculty to figure which 
it is)

You should obtain (or at least I do) during the cut phase the point do 
not move on the circle
(but on its previous location) and when cutted you get a strange object.

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