Another new boy

Peter Cordall petercordall at TISCALI.CO.UK
Wed Mar 21 20:36:12 CET 2007

Hello out there

Ray said I ought to post a message, so here goes.........

I have been growing Arisaemas for about ten years, mostly from seed
from AGS, NARGC, RHS etc distributions. There are currently thirty-
odd taxons here,
though correct naming may be another matter. I need to make a serious
effort at identification - this year I hope. Membership should help
me with that.

Many of my plants are in pots, from clumps in 10 litres to seedlings
in 7 cm. Others are out in the open ground, established clumps some
of them, spread around the garden. The garden is in Lancashire,
twelve miles or so from the Irish Sea, fifty feet above sea level, on
acid boulder clay and in Zone 8.

Arisaemas here are just coming to after the winter,which was very
mild apart from a couple of late frosts. Amurense is usually the
first to show but is late this time. Sikokianum is appearing in the
open, yamatense and nepenthoides in pots, but nothing else so far.

Regards                                Peter Cordall

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