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I see in the Gusmans' book that there is a mention of sometimes 2 eophylls arising from one seed, and a suggestion that it may be from polyembryony. This sort of thing is of course fairly common in citrus where apomictic embryos often occur in the seeds. Obviously since you have a 2 budded tuber, this is not the case here. I just noticed that I now have a seedling of A tortuosum which has given 2 eophylls from one seed. I dug down to the growth point, and see that both arise from between the same cotyledon (?) pair, and thus are most obviously from the same embryo also. I wonder if, in these cases, some slight damage or otherwise has caused the apical meristem to split and give the 2 growing points which will give rise to the 2 eyes on the tuber?


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