Another Newbie

Justin Franklin megan.justin at XTRA.CO.NZ
Thu Mar 22 10:07:11 CET 2007


I have just joined the AEG, and Ray suggested posting a short intro about= 
myself.  My name is Justin Franklin, and I am a geologist living in 
Auckland (zone 10), New Zealand.  I have been growing aroids for almost a= 
year now, mostly arisaema, amorphophallus, arum, colocasia and alocasia. = 
I have a small collection of arisaemas, with 13 species represented by =
just one or a few specimens.  I have had some sucess with them this past =
summer with some flowerings, but also managed to kill a couple !!!  
Thought it was time to consult the pros before any more kicked the 
bucket !!!  I look forward to reading about the different cultivation 
methods that different people use.


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