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Hi David,

Did anyone respond to your question re growing under lights. I don't
remember seeing anything. I am a beginner with Arisaemas and a
compulsive seedaholic. I have for several years been trying to get
Arisaemas to flowering size by growing under lights and have often tried
to get an extra growing season in the year by storing tubers in the
fridge for 2-3 months and then bringing into growth again under lights.
My set up consists of a few shelves with 2, 4 foot fluorescent light
fixtures each with one warm light and one cool light tube. This seems to
work quite well. I have them on a timer to give at least 12-14 hours
light per day and keep the lights on chains so I can move them up as the
plants grow. I now have some of the older tubers planted out and wait to
see what kind of success I will have.
Hope this helps
Roslyn Duffus
Maritime climate very wet at the moment but expecting -7 C. tonight in
Nova Scotia.

On Sun, 8 Jan 2006, David Cowan

> Hi All,
> I'm fairly new to this group but I have been watching for some time. I
> must say its a fantastic resourse for anyone, like me, just starting wi=th
> an interest in arisaemas. I've been reading the notes on culture on the
> arisaema-l site where mention was made of the use of grow lights to
> shorten the annual growth cycle.
> I've A number of small tubers from the seed distribution in the summer =and
> I've identified a cupboard for the purpose. I was wondering if anyone c=an
> guide me as to the size of light fitting to use and the distance it sho=uld
> be placed above the plants. Do I also need to provide small amounts of =UV
> light?
> Thanks and regards,
> David Cowan
> Zone 8 Scotland UK

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