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At 14:30 2006-01-15 -0600, you wrote:
>Rick?  More humble comment, please.  These are the kinds of observations= 
>that taken together and pooled constitute an approximation to a randomly= 
>selected group of events which  ( -- if they are sequestered as to 
>species,in this case, candidissimum), can be regarded as a legitimate= 
>experimental group (or subgroup) compared to the rest of the entire grou=p=
>observations by people growing candidissimum, here regarded as experimen=tal=

I could not agree more.
I am very glad that my original suggestions has already inspired so much
We - people who try to grow arisaema - can do a lot ourselves without a b=ig
When we know very little - which seems to be the case - simple steps are
great leaps. We can make great progress if we pool our resources.
It is good research policy to do the easy things first. When we know
everything that can be gained by observation, pooling of experience and u=se
of available information. Then we can decide wheter we need any expensive=or
difficult research.
We do not need the precise molecular structure of a hypothetical plant
hormone. We need to know which extrnal factors  trigger growth behaviour.
Look at the enormous amount of knowledge Professor Deno amassed with very
simple methods. He is a model researcher in a situation like ours.
I will try to summarise the discussion this far but I do not have time th
enext few days so someone else will probably do it before me.

Thank you everybody


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