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Subject: Re: rot, charcoal and rhizomatum
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Re dahiense=2E What a heartbreak=2E Fleeting exotic beauty one summer==2C=
and then=2C since 2002=2C have never seen another=2E Anyone else g=rowin=
g this one=3F

----- Original Message -----
From=3A Adam Fikso =3Cirisman=40AMERITECH=2ENET=3E
Date=3A Saturday=2C January 14=2C 2006 4=3A46 pm
Subject=3A Re=3A rot=2C charcoal and rhizomatum

=3E Wash the damaged or bacterially invaded mushy spots with soap =

=3E after =

=3E debriding the diseased tissue=2E   Historically what was useful w=ith=

=3E irises is =

=3E to clean and scrape  the area using  a spoon or similar tool down =

=3E to what =

=3E appears to be untouched tissue and pack the area with something =

=3E like Comet =

=3E or a similar kitchen cleanser that releases chlorine when moist-- =

=3E to kill =

=3E any bacteria left in the surface area=2E  This will also dry  the==

=3E area =

=3E thoroughly and help the plant to form a callus to block further =

=3E invasion=2E
=3E Presoaking the tuber with an aspirin dilution of one 325 mg =

=3E aspirin tablet =

=3E per quart  might also help since it probably will stimulate the =

=3E plant=27s =

=3E immune system=2E  There is no reason for not using a 2x stronger ==

=3E dilution but =

=3E no information on whether it would help=2E   I have not yet been ==

=3E able to save =

=3E an arisaema tuber with this=2C but then=2C I probably did not d=ebrid=
e =

=3E enough of =

=3E the diseased tissue on the species I treated=2E    It would have ==

=3E left nothing=2E =

=3E I should have taken off the developing buds and kept them=2E     ==

=3E (dahaiense =

=3E tubers --2001)
=3E =

=3E References for acetysalicylic acid to manage plant disease are on =

=3E the web=2C=2E =

=3E Keywords=3A aspirin=2C plant SAR=2C acetyl salicyclic acid==2C viral=2C=

=3E Erwinia=2C =

=3E arabidopsis=2E
=3E =

=3E =

=3E =

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=3E From=3A =22Russell Coker=22 =3Ccokerra=40BELLSOUTH=2ENE=T=3E
=3E Sent=3A Saturday=2C January 14=2C 2006 9=3A12 AM
=3E Subject=3A rot=2C charcoal and rhizomatum
=3E =

=3E =

=3E =3E Hey David and Everyone=2C
=3E =3E
=3E =3E I=27ve cleaned and treated the mushy spots from the A-145 t=ubers=

=3E once=2C so =

=3E =3E I=27ll do it again=2E   I=27m using a fast draining soi=l mix =

=3E consisting of =

=3E =3E sifted pine bark and crushed red lava rock=2C so they aren==27t =

=3E staying wet=2E =

=3E =3E Any advice on mixing activated charcoal into the mix=3F  Al=so=2C=
I =

=3E plan to hit =

=3E =3E them with Subdue fungicide - it may not help but certainly wo=n=27=
t =

=3E hurt=2E=3E
=3E =3E I=27d also like to know if anyone has had any experiences w=ith =

=3E Chen Yi=27s =

=3E =3E rhizomatum tubers=2E  Since foliage and roots were cut duri=ng th=
e =

=3E active =

=3E =3E growth period=2C do they go dormant until next year or put =up ne=
w =

=3E foliage =

=3E =3E like the tropical evergreens=3F
=3E =3E
=3E =3E Russell
=3E =3E ----- Original Message ----- =

=3E =3E From=3A =22Scherberich David=22 =3Caroids=40NUMERIC=ABLE=2EFR=3E
=3E =3E Sent=3A Thursday=2C January 12=2C 2006 11=3A02 AM
=3E =3E Subject=3A Re=3A chen yi (and A-145)
=3E =3E
=3E =3E
=3E =3E=3EI received it a year ago =2E=2E=2E potted immediate=ly in a pea=
t based
=3E =3E=3E compost with added sand and kept barely humid until it s=prout=
=3E =3E=3E in Summer =2E=2E=2E the leaf is still there =2E==2E=2E I only =
water it once a
=3E =3E=3E while so that it doesn=27t dry out=2C the temperatur=e in the
=3E =3E=3E greenhouse is minimum 10=B0C during daytime but it can=someti=
=3E =3E=3E fall to 7=B0C at night =2E=2E=2E I don=27t kno=w if it can sta=
nd cold
=3E =3E=3E temperatures but so far it is doing fine =2E=2E=2E=the Flora =
of China
=3E =3E=3E manuscript says =22moist forest along stream=3B 300-=900 m SE
=3E =3E=3E Yunnan=22=2C I don=27t know how cold it can get th=ere in Wint=
er time=2C
=3E =3E=3E 900m is not very high =2E=2E=2E
=3E =3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E David
=3E =3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E Russell Coker =3Ccokerra=40BELLSOUTH=2ENET=3E==3A
=3E =3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E David=2C
=3E =3E=3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E How did you keep it from rotting=3F  When did you=receive =
it and
=3E =3E=3E=3E did you pot
=3E =3E=3E=3E it immediately=3F
=3E =3E=3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E Russell
=3E =3E=3E=3E ----- Original Message ----- =

=3E =3E=3E=3E From=3A =22Scherberich David=22 =3Caroids==40NUMERICABLE=2E=
=3E =3E=3E=3E Sent=3A Thursday=2C January 12=2C 2006 10=3=A11 AM
=3E =3E=3E=3E Subject=3A Re=3A chen yi (and A-145)
=3E =3E=3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3EI received it as well and it turned out to be =an evergr=
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E species of Amorphophallus=2C with unmottled=pale green=
=3E =3E=3E=3E =2E=2E=2E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E either A=2E pingbianensis or A=2E coaetan=eus =2E=2E=2E=

=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E David Scherberich
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E Selon Russell Coker =3Ccokerra=40BELLSOUT=H=2ENET=3E=3A=

=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E By the way=2E=2E=2E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E I also received A-145 from Chen Yi=2E =She sent me =
=3E =3E=3E=3E pictures=2C
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E one of a chain
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E of tubers (looks like dog poop)=2C and=the other of=
a plant
=3E =3E=3E=3E in
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E bloom=2E  I
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E forwarded these to Arno for help with an=ID and he =
=3E =3E=3E=3E that
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E they were 2
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E different plants!
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E The plant in bloom is a Typhonium=2C a=nd the tubers=
are an
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E Amorphophallus - most
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E likely Am=2E coaetaneus!  Chen Yi stri=kes again=2C =
if you=27ve
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E ordered from her
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E you know its a crap shoot=2E  I=27d =like to know if=
=3E =3E=3E=3E received
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E something
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E different from me=2E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E And=2C by the way=2C my 2 A-145=27=s are in pots tur=
ning to mush
=3E =3E=3E=3E as I
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E write -
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E damnit!!
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E Russell
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E   ----- Original Message ----- =

=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E   From=3A tony willis
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E   Sent=3A Thursday=2C January 12=2=C 2006 7=3A05 AM
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E   Subject=3A chen yi
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E   I have bought quite a few things over =the last 3 =
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E including a couple of arisaem=2EMy fir=st year was a=
wful as
=3E =3E=3E=3E the
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E plants arrive in December washed and ver=y small=2EI=
was ill
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E prepared and made a mess of them=2E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E   Since then I have ordered paris primul=a dysosma
=3E =3E=3E=3E epimediums
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E and lots of gesneriads=2E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E   They are all looking great and I am no=w propagati=
ng from
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E them=2E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E   It is true the names are a mess but th=ere are lot=
s of
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E goodies amongst them=2E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E   I think the last list was the 1994 one=and nothin=
g much
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E changes=2E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E   Beware the prices are very cheap but t=he postage =
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E horrendous=2C you need to order a lot =to make the u=
nit price
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E reasonable=2E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E   http=3A//home=2Eno=2Enet/chenyi/=index=2Ehtml
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E   The delete button has proved pretty us=eful this l=
ast few
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E days!!
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E   Tony Willis
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E   Chorley
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E   NW England
=3E =3E=3E=3E =3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E=3E
=3E =3E=3E
=3E =3E =


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