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Dear George,
Never heard old George linked to tsumanis or earthquakes.  That sounds
pretty far-fetched.
However...recent ice cores taken from the arctic showed that the levels o=f
CO2 in the atmosphere have NEVER been as high as they are today--and all
thanks to modern man.  This is a significant showing of man's ability to
affect change.  CO2 levels affect so many things it is mind-boggling.  So=me
research has revealed that exotic invasive plants actually grow faster wi=th
increase CO2 levels that native plants (which also grow faster--but not
nearly as much as the exotics.)
Something to think about,
Ellen Nibali
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> At  1/9/2006 07:34 AM, you wrote:
>>Skepticism of all things is a good thing.  It is at the heart of
>>the scientific world.
> That being the case, I remain skeptical of most of the pontification on
> global warming. It is the scientific way.
> There is no doubt that the earths climate is not static, but to blame t=he
> changes on man's pitiful activities is too much for me to swallow.
> One volcano eruption, a tsunami caused by an earthquake, etc. is anecdo=tal
>  evidence enough for me to perceive that we probably do not significant=ly
> effect the long term climate changes. The Democratic activists, that wo=uld
> blame Bush for the earthquakes, benefit from such drivel.
> All this reminds me of the arguments that evolved around Keplers propos=al
> that the earth is not the center of the universe (read - Man is not the
> cause of most things in the universe). There was much debate about
> religion and man's place in the cosmos, but in the end, calm investigat=ion
> and the development of ever more sophisticated instruments for actually
> measuring events held sway.
> My father was one of a team of two that experimentally proved part of
> Einsteins theory of relativity and that Doppler effect holds true in li=ght
> as well as sound. The latter the basis for determining the size and sha=pe
> of the universe as well as modern radar. So, I don't doubt the scientif=ic
> method and I look forward to new discoveries every day, but I detest
> generalization of anecdotal. Theories are fine, and needed in science, =but
> many of us have a tendency to present them as fact, not theory.
> Devise and perform a controlled experiment that proves man is a
> significant cause of global climate change {as my father and Dr, Ives d=id
> for relativity) and I'll be the first to concede that we're more powerf=ul
> than I think we are,
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