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At  1/9/2006 11:34 AM, you wrote:
>How can a tsunami be evidence for that we do not effect long term climat=e

Just as well as melting glaciers are evidence of the opposite.

>I always believed that Kopernicus did that in his book that was publishe=d in

On this we can agree. I got the wrong "K", but I think it should be Coper=nicus.

> >My father was one of a team of two that experimentally proved part of
> >Einsteins theory of relativity and that Doppler effect holds true in l=ight
> >as well as sound. The latter the basis for determining the size and sh=ape
> >of the universe as well as modern radar.

Sorry. I overstated on the size business. It's easy to do as evidenced by
your attributions to Bush.

>I am sure that you are aware that you cannot perform a controlled experi=ment
>or measurement that determines the size of the universe.

Did I say that???? The experiment would be to prove that man is responsib=le
in a significant way for the climate changes we're witnessing.

>So if you can believe that we can determine the size of universe, (I do)=why
>do you need controlled experiment when it comes to global warming??

I don't, do you? Neither do I believe man's pitiful efforts are responsib=le
for significant climate changes. That's why we need a good experiment.

>I do agree that anecdotical "evidence" can be misleading in the extreme =but
>Greenland ice cores are hardly anecdotical evidence.

Of what? That the climate changes? Of course. That man has caused it?

>All this is highly entertaining but is it really Arisaema stuff?

Not really. I wish I'd never responded to Adam's assertion. One can't
really change anyone's mind with this kind of discussion. Belief in
scientific theories is a kind of religion just as the classical religions
are. When they're proved experimentally. they become facts instead of bel=iefs.

As far as politics go, that's even more of a religion for many people. My
view is that politicians are all dangerous.

So how are your Arisaema growing this year?

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