A. griffithii

Oleg Vasiliev Ovasiliev at GO.COM
Wed Mar 5 21:38:51 CET 2003

Dear all,

thank you very much for all your suggestions and recommendation.

Thank you, Mary - I know Jacques Amand and have a nice time to talk with
him 5-6 or 7 years ago at Philadelphia Flower Show (actually we talk about
my tulips seedling). UK is fare away from St.Louis (MO), when I am now and
I need tones of tubers for reasonable price so after killing all of them
during next winter I was sure they are not hardy in my country :)

Thank you, Marge - I have seen Roy Herold's Arisaema Page with hardiness
ratings and a few years ago have tried to submit my date to this list, but
they was not added (I don't remember the reason). There are just a few
members in our list who are living in zone 4 and as result Arisaema Page
list are "hot". I know A.griffithii are present in the collection of St
Petersburg Botanical garden, which is in zone 4. According to the list
Arisaema ciliatum are hardy till zone 7, but I keep all stock of mine
A.ciliatum in the garden with very little protection for 3 without lost.

Thank you Eric, for your recommendation to get plants from Hoog & Dix - I
am thinking about that. They have also Arisaema sikokianum for about $11
each, which I like to have more to increase it's propagation.

Thank you Adam and Henry, for your optimistic messages which are support me
to try. I agree - origin (when the tubers ware collected) are important and
it's good idea to try several source.

I will try to keep you informed!


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