A. griffithii

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Wed Mar 5 21:06:22 CET 2003

Hello Oleg:   A. griffithii is not indicated as hardy beyond 5b on any list
I am aware of, however, Archibald collected it at 13,000ft. in Nepal on one
occasion, so I would guess that it might be all right in areas colder than Z
5 depending on where the original tubers were collected.   The same caution
applies to all which have ranges over 3 or 4 climatic zones.   Individual
clones vary a lot.

The latest list from the International Aroid Society indicates that
concinnum is hardy to Z 6 (Arkansas record) ,galeatum to Z 5a (Iowa),
speciosum Z 7, costatum Z 7, and , tortuosum Z4b (Ithaca New York).  L.
nepalense, I would expdect would be worth trying in Z 5, Paris polyphylla
probably OK to Z 4 (Iowa) and maybe cooler, Disporum cantonense  (since it's
from southern China probably not below Z6-7, but???)  and Roscoea purpurea.
no data. ???

I've not grown any of these, but this is data in my files.  Others may have
better information.  Regards.
Adam Fikso, Chicago area Z5a.

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> Hi all,
> a few days ago I got the price list from Holland's company Hoog & Dix
> export:
> http://www.hoogdix.com/
> Thay also have A.griffithii and several others arisaemas (listed below)
> low prices. Does anybody ordered from this company?
> And second question about hardiness of those plants:
> Arisaema concinnum
> Arisaema galeatum
> Arisaema speciosum
> Arisaema costatum
> Arisaema tortuosum
> and
> Lilium nepalense
> Paris polyphylla
> Disporum cantoniense
> Roscoea purpurea?
> Can those plants are overwinter in zones 4-5 with protection?
> Oleg
> Moscow, Russia zone 4 (this winter probably zone 3)

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