Hosta College

Petra Schmidt petra at PLANTDELIGHTS.COM
Mon Mar 10 16:45:05 CET 2003

Hold on, this is really about arisaema...but the topic was raised during my
talk on arisaema at Hosta College over the weekend.  I shake my head as I
write this, but you just never know...and now I ask you - do you know?

The question raised to me was this:  Is it true that Asian arisaema cannot
live in the same area where native arisaema have been grown?  A few people
in the audience were told to plant them a few feet apart, that one would not
survive if the other had already been planted in that area.  Yes, I have
grown them side by side without problem although I can't say that I have
grown one in the exact same planting space that was previously holding the
other.  The comment was made the one will "kill" the other.

Gene Bush put a light on the subject by saying that maybe the problem really
related to arisaema rust problems; to protect the Asian species from the
rust-prone native species and to plant them distances apart.  Aha!  Good
answer!  That makes sense.

Any other thoughts on this one?

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